Yorick Alu'Evaliir

Human Barbarian


Given name: Yorick
Nickname: N/A
Clan name: Alu’Evaliir (Watersong)
Birthplace: Unknown region of Valenar
Sex: male
Age: 20
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black, Long and unkempt
Skin: Olive
Distinguishing features: Teeth are cut sharp, heavily scarred hands and forearms
Deity: The Devourer
Alignment: NE


On the first night of joining Helvi and Cocky J, Yorick asks everyone (Stanlee included) to listen in on his story.

_Before we go anywhere, let me tell you why I’ve been in exile until those slavers grabbed me. You’ve already seen what “he” can do in a fight, and I feel it’s only fair to warn you.

I came to part ways with the warband that raised on what we’ll call ‘less then amicable terms.’ The final test is a fight to the death with another initiate. It’s pretty brilliant, because right as I’d won and was dealing the killing blow, they stop the fight. It’s supposed to be a lesson in restraint for the victor, and humility for the loser. They say things like ’It’s easy to teach a man to kill, but it’s difficult to teach him not to kill.’ I took it to heart, honest! Felt manly tears welling up! Now from what I understand, “he” didn’t take it so well. He went ahead and killed the other bloke. Then the master. Then all the trainees and I can only assume most of the miscellaneous staff. I came back into control just past our little encampment with the coppery taste of blood in my mouth and the warm glow of a fire behind me. The old boy’s got some ideas, and he absolutely never holds back when it comes down to it. Usually leaves me literally picking up the pieces…

For what it’s worth, he says he taken quite a shining to you two._

Yorick is not sure of his parents or place of birth. He was orphaned by the war at a very early age. He was taken in by the Alu’Evaliir; a group of Valenar Elves who worshiped their ancestors by emulating their fiercest warriors. Once known as some of the deadliest ship boarding crews to battle on the oceans and seas around Khorvaire, their fighting style was intended to mirror the crushing weight of the ocean, the relentless advance of the tide, and the imperceptible danger of the undercurrents. As an imposingly large man, Yorick adapted well to this fighting style, and was raised to be a deadly combatant. He bears many scars on his hands and arms from the brutal training conditions imposed by the Valenar Elves.

Something always itched at the back of Yorick’s mind. He had moments of quiet, intense focus that were completely unlike him during training. Whenever pushed to his limits, injured during training, or aggressively confronted by other initiates, he would lose his loud and boastful nature and become a near silent whirlwind of blood and fury. Yorick feigned ignorance to the reason for these sudden bouts of seeming insanity, blowing it off as a deliberate scare tactic or an over-exaggeration. The truth is, Yorick can always hear what his other half is thinking, and works hard at staying in control.

During his final initiation rite (the Alu’Evaliir graduated Yorick far ahead of schedule in consideration of his Human lifespan), Yorick completely lost control of himself. When the instructor called for an end to combat, Yorick struck down his fellow initiate anyway. The instructor who attempted to intervene was not far behind, as the advantage of surprise at the vicious and unprovoked attack put Yorick on equal footing. To his knowledge, every member of the Alu’Evaliir was killed during the rampage and their enclave burned to the ground. When he finally regained control, Yorick fled Valenar and exiled himself to the fringes of society, where he could lose control with relative safety.

Yorick Alu'Evaliir

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