Seldsfryn Helvisynge

Drow Fighter, fighting for his right to party.


Given name: Seldsfryn
Nickname: “Helvi”
Family name: Kenndar [Helvisynge]
Birthplace: a moderate-sized city within the large drow tribal territory in Khyber.
Sex: male
Age: 126
Eyes: silver
Hair: white, worn in two long braids
Skin: black with purple undertones
Distinguishing features: large brand scar on chest, showing he is property of a specific drow Priestess.
Deity: (Vhaeraun)
Alignment: N/NE
Title, rank, or other designation (as applicable): none


“Helvi” began training as a fighter as soon as he could pull a bowstring. His skill and looks caught the attention of a high-ranked Priestess (Shriala Auvryndar), who bought him from his mother at the young age of 50. Helvi’s father did not agree with the transaction, but did nothing to stop it.

He served his Mistress as personal guard, slave, pet, and lover for many years. One night, after sneaking several drinks of his Lady’s wine, his pent-up anger got the better of him. When Helvi was beckoned over to give his Priestess a back massage, he snapped her neck instead. Knowing he would be given a slow death most could only conjure in nightmares, he fled. He broke off the crystal doorknob to the chamber as he left, and still carries it as a reminder.

A couple fellow male drow slaves, Vic and Ust, were standing guard outside her chambers. When they realized what Helvi had done, they covered his escape. Helvi did not dare look back but is fairly sure one of them died keeping his pursuers at bay.

Some would call Helvi lazy, but that’s not quite it. He dislikes doing anything he feels is unnecessary. Drinking is his biggest vice, followed closely by lust. He rarely refuses an offer to bed, male or female. He very much enjoys doing what he wants, and does not respond well to commands. But when the situation calls for it, he is a focused warrior and iron willed. Magic and spiders unnerve him, mostly because he worries about hunters from his tribe catching him.

Helvi has an easy manner to him and as long as you don’t try to boss him around, you’ll probably find him fairly pleasant: A sense of humor, love of drink and more hedonistic endeavors, and dice always at the ready. That said, don’t expect to make a friend of him easily. He hold little respect for those who do not prove themselves useful in a fight. Life is one big ongoing battle, and he has no time for anyone who will hold him back or slow him down. He is particularly hard-hearted against (& suspicious of) women due to his upbringing.

Family and Background:
Born the 4th child of 5 to Phyrriia Kenndar, a middle-ranking priestess of Lolth, and a skilled assassin, G’elddar Helvisynge. Helvi is the only male child. His three older sisters and younger sister are Priestesses of Lolth. Helvi was trained from early childhoood to fight since he was found to be lacking in magical talent.

Though it is traditional for children to take their mother’s family name, Helvi always answers with his father’s family name if asked. Even to this day, he uses it to derive the common-use name “Helvi.”

Seldsfryn Helvisynge

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